My name is Macy, and I’m a third-year Ph.D. student in Microbiology at the University of Wyoming. I go by many descriptions, including, but not limited to: Graduate student, chronic goal-setter, and tennis aficionado. My overarching aspiration in life is to be a professor at a university and play racquet sports with my old lady friends in the evenings. I bleached my hair one too many times as a teen, but I have learned to love my natural hair and the importance of a good dry shampoo. I am also learning to play a mean riff on the acoustic guitar. So anyway, here’s Wonderwall….

My professional page is meant to increase professional interest in my microbiology research and skillsets. I am interested in investigating microbiological community structure in a variety of systems, including, but not limited to: in archaeological and glacial soils, associated with dermatology and Acne vulgaris, accumulating in fermented food and drink such as cheese, beer, and wine, and associated with the human gut. I’m enthusiastic about pursuing a career where I can contribute to the development of new technologies to combat hot-button topics such as climate change, the foodservice industry, and human health and wellbeing.

My journal page, on the other hand, is meant for a wider audience and focuses on a simple and satirical premise: The rest of the world has decided that we, as millennials, are lazy, irresponsible, and entitled. Rather than resisting this stereotype, I choose to play into that notion with the following thought: How do we dominate the world as young professionals, taking one calculated risk at a time? How do we confront the looming pressures of societal expectations, social injustice, political polarization, mental illness, physical and spiritual health, financial stability and maintenance of overall wellbeing in a world where social media rules and nothing is ever good enough? How can we, in today’s day and age, possess successful, thriving relationships and successful, thriving careers, without overworking ourselves or biting off more than we can chew?

How do we apply calculated risk in order to adapt to our environment?

The answer is simple: one step at a time. Follow along on my coming-of-age journey where risk, adapt, and apply is the name of the game.

Being a twenty-something in this world is hard, but I’m blessed to have many friends to help me out along the way. The majority of the headshots you see on my site were taken by my good friend and tennis teammate Ellis (@EllisMurray on Instagram). All other content on my site, unless otherwise stated, is a product of my own creativity! Enjoy my space, and stay a while.

If you’re interested in more of the science side of what I do, please stay tuned for updates on my work in the “journal” tab. Keep an eye out for feature articles on my work found at the “in the news” tab!




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